Consider Us Postponed.

This is basically a post informing anyone passing by that the One Shot Awards are being postponed.

I have too many other demanding commitments to successfully get this off the ground right at the moment, and it needs total dedication. This is not to say that it will never be started. Just that now is not the right time.

So I apologise to all. Hopefully OSA is not dead forever. But until such time, it's farewell from the OSA team.

Apologies And Goals

Apologies from modland; unfortunately, being a student means teachers pile work on you at really inconvenient times.

To attempt to make up for this, I have complied a shiny list of our next goals:

  • Entice another few judges into, well, judging. Anyone with time around May would be great. :D
  • Then we can decide on the final categorgies for this round. I've got a basic list, but need someone to tell me whether it's on the right lines or not.
  • Once this is sorted (1st of December? Lol), pimpage/ nominating can begin.
  • Then judging shall occur around May-time. Fingers crossed.
Thank you to all who are trying to get this comm out there. And thank you also to those offering advice and aid - it's very much appreciated, even if it doesn't seem that way. I promise I'll respond to all the comments/ emails/ PMs asap. Hectic life is being hectic.

Affiliation is still open and we're teamed with calufrax, Words On The Wind, alonso_loveand lifeinjack.

I had more points, but I have forgotten them. Whoops.

Thanks for all the good work you're doing. :)

Category Decisions

This is the post for deciding categories. YAY! :D

So comment here, basically, telling us if you want a certain fandom, a certain genre, a certain character... whatever! We'll see what fits and get back to you all.

Looking forwards to seeing you all on the first of December. :)

Welcome to the One Shot Awards

This is just a making-everything-clear post really. May not actually make much sense.

The OSA are here to celebrate all those short stories that never get noticed, because they're small. Well, we like small things here. If your fanfic is under 2000 words, then it's eligible to be nominated.

Here's how this thing's gonna go down:

Every three months, we're going to accept nominations. We'll have different fandom categories, much like any other award. We'll post an 'ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS NOW! :D' entry here, and then to nominate, simply:

Post a link to the fic in a comment, with it's
Author (and how to contact them),
And why it's so fantastically amazing.

After two and a bit months, we'll make a list with all the nominations, sorted into their categories so it's all nice and easy, and allow you to vote for your favourites. The mystical judges will also make their decision, and we'll end up with two winners in each category - Public Choice and Judge's Choice. Simples. :D

But to do this, we're gonna need two things: lots of fic and lots of pimping.

So if you're a writer yourself, get your fingers busy typing short stories. And why not post an entry on your journal, telling your flist all about us and encouraging them to get involved too?

If all goes well, we'll start accepting nominations for the first ever OSA on December 1st.

So get typing, get pimping, and let's celebrate those short stories that never get mentioned. :D